About us

Company Overview

Company Name
Taku Kato
42,000,000 yen
Business Activities
Maruhon is specialize in interior and exterior building materials for the domestic construction industry.
We import and sell raw materials and finished wood products such as flooring, wall panel, moldings, lumber, natural finishes, maintenance products, etc, directly from over 25 countries.
We stock and provide approximately 100 species/products to the Japanese market.
Although our primary market is Japan, but we also provide products for customers worldwide.
Besides, we are always eager to work with new suppliers in developing and manufacturing of new products.
We are always looking for high quality, competitive and sustainable/stable supply sources.
In order to secure accurate information of the wood sources, production process, quality control, etc, we prefer to be in contact with manufacturers/supplier directly.
We do not currently deal with the following products
  • overlaid moulding, windows, roofing, siding, glulam, insulation, glass, stone or similar products used in construction
  • all door products
  • furniture, furniture parts or rattan products

We welcome information about such products for our files and future purchasing options.

Major wood and wood products supplier in Japan and abroad.
House Builders, Developers, Construction companies, Architects, Designers, Wholesales throughout Japan.
Bank Account
Shizuoka Bank (Hamakita Branch), Resona Bank (Hamamatsu Branch), Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (Hamamatsu Branch).

Corporate History

May 1934
Established by Eichi Ito.
July 1953
June 1973
Changed the corporate name to “Maruhon”.
April 1980
Noriyoshi Ito took over as company President.
June 1985
Head Office relocated to Hamamatsu city.
September 1986
Started to import and sell North American Hardwoods.
June 1989
New Head Office built.
December 1999
Main showroom opened.
April 2004
Tokyo showroom opened.
March 2006
Tokyo branch office opened.
April 2007
Product catalog vol.1 launched.
September 2007
Main showroom awarded the 2007 Good Design Award.
April 2008
Product catalog vol.2 launched.
May 2009
Product catalog vol.3 launched.
January 2011
Product catalog vol.4 launched.
November 2012
Product catalog vol.5 launched.
July 2014
Extension of Tokyo show room.
October 2014
Product catalog vol.6 launched.
June 2015
Taku Kato took over as President.
September 2015
Extended portion of Tokyo show room awarded the 2015 Good Design Award.
December 2015
Launched FSC® certified Japanese Cypress solid wood flooring from Owase origin, and surface profiled solid wood flooring in “Tsukinomi” and “Chona”.
September 2016
Launched FSC® certified Japanese Cedar solid wood flooring from Tenryu origin.