Message from the President

Our company, MARUHON INC.,
wishes to forge deep bonds with our customers just as we do with our wood products.

We always held great respect for wood and humanity,
constantly looking for the true value of wood
while remaining ever-aware of our customers’ changing needs.

We visit forest and production sites all over the world, searching for the best materials for our production.
While doing so, we also pay particular attention in securing materials coming from a sustainable sources.

We convert these carefully selected materials into commercial reality
based on our years of experience, knowledge, skill and thorough quality control.

Our aim is not just to sell our wood, but also hope to enrich lifestyle and can be passed down through several generations.

We at MARUHON INC. strive to fulfil our roles in the society
while continually earning the trust of our valued customers.

President Taku Kato

Our commitment to sustainable wood

We are committed to environmental conservation activities
in order to preserve this beautiful Earth
so the next generation may enjoy it as much as we do.

Due diligence for procuring
environmental friendly materials

Maruhon take procurement process from advance countries such as the USA,
Europe and Australia as references and adopt our original due diligence program.
We are particularly committed to gathering information
from multiple sources by making regular visits to suppliers.

“Due diligence” : A procedure by which we conduct detailed investigaion into various kind of risks (in this case, risks refer to the legality of wood sources and forest sustainabilty).

Forest Certifications

Maruhon started working on environmental issues at an early stage.
In June 2006, we acquired FSC®*(FSC®C004392) and PEFC Chain of Custody Certification.

“FSC®”: An international certification organization whose aim is the advancement of “economically sustainable, socially beneficial and environmentally friendly forest maintenance.”

“PEFC” : An international umbrella organization for endorsing national forest certification schemes that are founded for promoting sustainable forest management and forest products through robust ISO-based third party certifications.

“Chain of Custody Certification” : A certification of management relating to production, processing and distribution.