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Points to note
when sending samples

1. Details about sending a samples

1. Details about sending a samples

  • Please send us samples equivalent or equal in quality to what you offer your customers.
  • If you are sending us “non-standard” product as well as “standard” product, please send them separately and advise us the ratio of “non-standard” product.
  • Please send us several samples of the same product, if possible.
  • If you are sending combinations which need to be assembled, please send us a minimum of two pieces.
  • As well as the sample, we would be grateful if you would also send us photographs of your factory and products, a catalogue, and details of your stock and exports.
2. Sample size

2. Sample size

  • Please send us larger size samples (suggested size is 24mm x 150mm x 300mm.).
  • Suggested length for any profiled product will be at least 300mm or close to a meter.
3. Labeling

3. Labeling

  • Please label your samples on the back face of the product.
  • If the label is handwritten, please make sure it is legible to a non-native speaker.
  • Please include all necessary information.
  • Please include a cover letter with detail of the samples.
4. About packaging

4. About packaging

  • Please pack all samples with care.
  • Please do not use strong adhesive tape that might damage samples when openning.
  • Please use a reputable delivery company.
  • Please send us all necessary and appropriate documentation to clear customs.
5. About delivery port

5. About delivery port

  • We are located in Hamamatsu city, preferred delivery port will be Nagoya or Shimizu.

1295 Nagashima, Hamakita-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken
434-0013 Japan

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