How to reach Maruhon Head Office

By Train

By Train

Japan's major train line, the Shinkansen stops in Hamamatsu.
From Nagoya to Hamamatsu is about 50 minutes on the Shinkansen, from Osaka and Tokyo are 1.5-2 hours.
(Note: there are three types of Shinkansen trains, the Nozomi, the Hikari and the Kodama. All types travel at the same speed on the rails, but the Nozomi goes straight from Tokyo to Osaka with a single stop in Nagoya. The Hikari trains skip some stations (different ones depending on the schedule) while a Kodama stops at every station.)
So all Kodama trains and at least one Hikari train per hour will stop at Hamamatsu.

Once you arrive in Hamamatsu Station, we are just 25 minutes away from Hamamatsu by the local train - the Entetsu line.
You will find the local train at the “Shin-Hamamatsu” station, which is a few minute walk from the Shinkansen train exit.
  • The ride takes about 25 minutes and costs 380 yen. Tickets are available next to the gate.
  • There are trains every 12 minutes during the day, starting on the hour: 7:00, 7:12, 7:24...
  • The station names are on signs in the middle of the platform in both Japanese and English. Our stop is Kobayashi.
  • Coin lockers are available in Hamamatsu station in several locations, including near the door you will exit through.
  • Please call us before you leave with the departure time so we can meet you promptly at Kobayashi station. The call is local: 053-587-0711.
By Car

By Car

If you are driving, there are two exits on the Tomei Highway for Hamamatsu.
Maruhon is 10-15 minutes from the Hamamatsu exit and 20 minutes from Hamamatsu-nishi.
The new Tomei, the “Tomei Two” will pass less than 5 minutes from Maruhon, with an exit almost at our doorstep.
By Taxi

By Taxi

We recommend the local train, as a taxi ride will cost 35 to 50 US dollars from downtown. However,
if you need to give a taxi driver an address in Japanese, please show him.

Maruhon’s Location

The headquarter of MARUHON INC. is located in “Hamamatsu” city,Japan.
It is a developed city with easy access from all over Japan.

There is a lot of beautiful nature and delicious local delicacies.

There are also lots of spots near Maruhon where you can enjoy the “Japan experience”.
The “kite festival” is held on May every year, featuring kites battles and a parade.

When you come to Maruhon, we hope you will take the time to also enjoy Hamamatsu.