About Our Products

As a specialist in wood, we source most of our materials directly from the origin,
starting in Japan and covering the world,
doing our best to maximize the potential of our wood.
This is an overview of our products.


Solid wood floor
- too nice for socks and shoes

Our flooring are made of solid wood or material of equal quality.
We carry approximately 40 kinds of species.
Besides the traditional urethane finish, our natural finishes which brings out the natural “flavor” of the wood has becoming more popular.

Wall Panel

Far more than simple wallpaper,
we offer solid wood material to perfectly match your individual style

From softwoods to hardwoods, from the Northern Conifer to the Southern Tropical, we work with a wide range of species and machining profiles to match your room, from cool and relaxing to bright and casual.


Touch our products,
feel their value

Items such as kitchen counters and tables that we touch and feel everyday should have their own personality.
We carry both solid one piece counters and edge-glued counter top.
Feel free to choose the color, size, method of production, etc, that suit your needs.

Other Interior Components and Products

- the one that create the finest home

We deal with not only Japanese species,but also materials from all over the world in order to meet our customers' needs and wants.
Our products lineup includes moldings, thresholds, stairs, counters, etc all items are produced from carefully chosen materials that could evident the true texture of solid wood.

Finishes and Maintenance Products

The secret to strong, long-lasting,
beautiful wood

Our original natural finishes “Arbor”, designed to highlight the texture of solid wood,
and our filler that basically made of wood powder for you to enjoy the experience of wood maintenance.


We would like to share with you some projects where Maruhon's products have been used.